Pro-Jay RPM Warfare Site

 On the RPM battlefield, there are no room for mercy and no points for second place. That is why the research & development team at Pro-Jay has spared no expense in Designing the ultimate fuel injection system on the market today. With a proven track record and state of the art design and quality. We have cultivated a diverse product line to perfectly complement your arsenal. From our world record holder 4 barrel intake manifold, to the throttle body combos. From rotary to pistons and to the latest addition to our line the Mustang style throttle body. Available in 80, 90, 100 and 105mm Also the all new 20B 3 rotor system. Featuring a complete integrated upper, lower with throttle body combo, that will have your opponent feeling like a third world country.  In the ongoing war of RPM, offer no mercy and take no prisoners,  RPM Warfare by Pro-Jay Choose your weapon

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